Frequently Asked Questions

Is this site a shop or a photography blog?

It's a bit of both. If you want you can subscribe to the feed, enjoy the photographs and never buy a print - though it would be lovely if you did :) The blog's content management system makes it easy for me to add new pictures and the Fotomoto code automatically adds the new photograph to the prints available to buy.

Can I order direct from you?

Yes. Just E-mail me at with the photograph name and what size print/paper you want . Complete framed prints are also available when ordering direct from me.

Are there Limited Editions?

Yes. The Fine Art paper prints are offered in various print sizes with the larger prints being limited to fifty with especially large print sizes being limited even further to just ten.

How Limited Edition are they?

1) You can only buy the Fine Art Prints here. 2) Once a print size sells out, it is taken off the website.

Are canvas prints available?

Yes. Canvas prints are available alongside framed prints, canvas prints, aluminium prints, acrylic panels and blocks and exclusive unlimited and limited edition fine art (giclĂ©e) prints, in a range of sizes up to 40×60 inches and larger.

Anything else?

Aluminium prints and acrylic prints are also available.

I see plenty of b&w photographs... what about colour?

A range of colour prints will be made available soon. A new series of colour images have been shot in Norfolk.

Any technical info about the photographs featured on this website?

The majority of the photographs seen on the blog were taken using Bronica medium format equipment. One or two photographs were taken using a Yashica TLR. Film stock is a mixture of Ilford Pan F, FP4 and HP5.

Any other camera formats used?

The Norfolk project currently uses digital, 35mm, 645 and 6x6 formats. In the next twelve months, however, i plan to start adding 5x4 images to the collection. 

Why Norfolk?

The Norfolk project stemmed from an idea in 2004 to document an English county and to have a long-term photography project. The photography book 'Photographer's Britain - Northumberland' by John Tordai was a big influence too. The 1993 book was a mixture of documentary and landscape photography. Norfolk was chosen because the county has a lot of variety to the landscape, a fascinating history and i could visit it each year with a 'fresh' pair of eyes.

The clean light, huge skyscapes, amazing clouds and landscape of the county really just sing out to be photographed. The project is, however, a loose blend of documentary and landscape photography exploring the social and geographic aspects of the county.

Is it a long term project? If so, how long?

Yes it is long term. It currently has no end date. When it was started, the project was planned to run just ten years but i realised two or three years ago that it could be extended indefinitely.

How do you see it developing?

I plan to add 5x4 at some point in the future but the Norfolk project is taking a back seat for the moment. Next year I'll be working up in the Highlands of Scotland, Isle of Skye and elsewhere. The Norfolk project hasn't finished - there is no end to it - I'm just taking a break for a while.

Will a book of the Norfolk images be made available?

Yes. a book is planned and will be released in the next year or so. I plan to put together the book over 2015, gathering together images taken over a period of around ten years. Once it's ready, it will be on sale via the main website. A book of Norfolk images taken in 2011 can be found HERE

Will there be any other areas of the UK featured on the website?

Yes. photographs taken in other areas of the UK will be added. There are already a few images on the website that were taken in North Wales. More will be added as the website progresses. There will be photographs taken in Whitby, around Scotland, Cornwall and around northern England too.

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