The Photography

The bulk of the photographs come from a Norfolk photographic project I've been working on since 2004. Started as a short term project, the Norfolk images, both landscape and documentary, have been increasing in number each year. I just keep seeing so many great photographs to take.

A decision was made around 2009 to turn the Norfolk photographs into a permanent long term project. The aim is to capture the diverse nature of the county of Norfolk from its beautiful coastal scenery to the quiet country villages and beyond. The project was heavily influenced by a 1993 photography book series called 'Photographer's Britain' where well known photographers would photograph a specific county of Britain.

Cloudscapes, light and landscape are the focus of the landscape images. The project remains however, as it has from its humble beginnings, part documentary and part landscape project.

Other areas of Britain will also feature on the blog including North Wales, Scotland, North Yorkshire and Northumberland.
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